What is IP Address And How To Check IP Address?

What is IP Address And How To Check IP Address?


What is IP Address?

IP ( Internet Protocol ) adress is the adress of your hardware connected in network. IP adress is combination of numbers and some time characters. Example of Internet protocol adress is

Each device connected to the internet is assigned with unique ip adress. That means need of billions numbers of ip adress. This need is fulfilled by new protocol called IPv6 protocol. There are two protocol versions are available first is IPv4 protocol and another is IPv6 protocol.

IPv4 protocol provides us 4 billions of IP addresses but now a day internet usage increases that's why number of hardware connected to internet also increases that means need of ip addresses also increased. But new version IPv6 provides trillions of ip addresses to fulfill all internet users need.
An example of IPv6 address is 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334

Types of IP address

  1. Private IP addresses
  2. Public IP addresses
  3. Static IP addresses
  4. Dynamic IP addresses
Private IP adress is the adress of your device which is connected to your home or business network. If number of devices are more for same ISP ( internet service provider ) network then each device has an unique ip adress.
Public IP address is the main adress of your home or business network. It unique for all users.
All private and public IP addresses are either static or dynamic. If configures IP adress manually then this types of addresses are static. All static IP cannot change automatically. If you set up internet connection and configure automatically then the ip address is dynamic IP address.

How to check ip address on windows?

1. Check IP address using command promt

  • Click on search box near start button and search cmd
  • Click on command prompt from search results
  • Now type ipconfig and hit enter button
  • Now ip information and is displayed on your computer

2. Check IP address by using control panel

  • Click on search box lowr left side on home screen and type control panel
  • Select control panel from search result and hit enter
  • Now select Network and Internet in that Network and Sharing Center
  • Now click on Change Adapter settings on left hand side
  • For wired connection: Double click on Ethernet and click on details. Information about ip is displayed on your screen
  • For wireless connection: Double click on Wireless Network Connection ( Network Name) and click details. Information regarding ip is now on your screen.

How To Check IP address on Mobile?

Check IP Address on android

  • First go in settings 
  • Go to wi-fi settings 
  • Go in Settings of connected wi-fi if there is no setting option  then click on (i) symbol right side of wi-fi name
  • It shows ip adress of your network 

Check IP address on iPhone 

  • Go in the settings icon available on your iPhone 
  • Tuch on wi-fi 
  • In wi-fi settings you see connected wi-fi name click on blue arrow right side of network name
  • Your networks ip IP adress and your  network name is shown on the screen

How to check  IP address of  printer?

  • Type Control panel  in search box and open control panel settings 
  • Now double click on Devices and Printers 
  • Now right click on printer name which you want to know ip adress and select properties 
  • Now you see the ip adress of your printer