If you are searching for free Blogging sites then you are in right place because we telling about free Blogging websites in this article. Blogging is the best platform to share your knowledge, experiences and your study with world. Now we see some platforms that's best for you.

Best Blogging Websites 

1). WordPress 

      It is one of best platform to make your blog free. In this platform you need to build your website yourself and also need host software. In this if you can buy solid WordPress host. Because of you are using the wordpress software, you have full control of how your website looks and how it works. You also make money From your site. But in WordPress hosting you have to make all setup by yourself. If you want to monetize your blog in any condition, free wordpress.com version is prevent you from doing that.

2). Wix

      Wix is the free website building platform. It can be fully managed from front end. Important function of this platform is it comes with drag and drop option that's why you have no need to handle from back end. Design used in this platform is very modern, which is used by both old and beginner. 
In this platform you need to arange the layout and select a template and you are ready.

3). Weebly

      Weebly is another website building platform. You use this platform for blogging as well as Sell products. It is similar to wix platform. It provides a SWYISWG editor with drag and drop elements. If you want to add button in your blog you simply need drag it on the page and customize it. Weebly provides sidebars , media boxes, social media icons, add spaces, and many more.

4). Blogger 

      Blogger is one of oldest and popular free Blogging websites. It is just like other Hosting platforms. It is simple platform if you want to use this platform you simply need to create account and select theme and the platform is ready to use. Blogger provides bunch of theme with different layouts you need to select one. Blogger is not too fancy and no Design customization.

5) Ghost

    This is another Blogging platform similar to wordpress. If you use ghost platform for free then you have to pay for hosting. Create post in ghost is easy if your website setup is completed. This platform is for those people who needs something simple.