Data Recovery Software 

If you accidentally deleted some important files and you really wanted those files back then no worry there are tools available on internet for data recovery of your lost file. These tools are used when you accidentally deleted your files or may be forgotten to take backup of your data like photos, videos and much more. These software retrieve all data from your hard drive, flash drive, or any other storage device. Some software are available in premium versions with upgraded features.

Best Free Data Recovery Software For Mac

1. Disk Drill

It is one of the free data recovery application for mac OS. Some other functions of this application is lost partition recovery, boot disc maker this functions make this application one of the best tool.

Free features:

  • Recovery vault is the extra layer of trash bin store reference of deleted data
  • Guaranteed recovery is background service it is store copy of each file to user defined folder.
  • Data backup feature
  • Duplicate file finder 
  • Emergency recovery boot drive 
  • Disc space analyzer 
  • Disc helth Monitor 

2. PhotoRec

 It is not that much powerful tool for data recovery but most important advantage is it is open source. It is available for OS X, linux, windows. It recovers data like jpeg image file, mp3 audio files, Microsoft office documents, PDF, zip etc. It also recovers data from external devices.

Free Features:

It is free data recovery application for mac uses file carving technology. In these method searches for data block or cluster size if results found then it calculate size of cluster. Then read all device cluster by cluster for different files segniture.
The aplication recovers JPEG, MP3, Microsoft Office files, zip etc

3. Mini Tool Power Data Recovery 

This is one of most used application for data recovery. This app recovers data in mac  like photos, music, videos, emails, documents etc. Free version of this application offers support via email only.

Free features:

  • Undelete recovery 
  • Damaged partition recovery 
  • Lost partition recovery 
  • Digital media recovery

4. EaseUS data recovery wizard 

 It is another best data recovery software for mac. It is limited, recovers only 2GB of data.

Free Features:

 Recovers data from mac computers, USB drive,  hard drive,  mac book etc. Commony used for recovery of images, videos, music, documents etc.