What is blog?

 Blog is the information or experiences shared by writer published on internet in online  journals. In online journals you can write about your daily lifestyle, your experiences,  your knowledge and publish these on internet. 

How to create a blog?

1) Select a topic for your blog
       First you have to decide on which topic you want to publish blogs on your website. You select subject or topic in which you have more interest and knowledge about.

2). Create account on Blogging websites 
      There are number of blogging websites available on internet for example blogger.com or Wordpress.com. Open one of those website and click get started to start creating an account on website follow the steps and fill proper information to create your blog.

3). Purchase Domain name 
      Go to domain Purchase websites for example godaddy.com and Select domain name on the basis of topic you selected before for Blogging. Select the topic that tells readers what your blog about. 

4). Customize your Website design 
      Go in theme section on blogger or wordpress and select a theme you like for your website.

5). Create unique articles 
      Write blogs on which topics you decided before to write. Upload all images if needed and complete yor post.

6). Publish your post
      Afre complete editing of post click on publish button to publish your post on your website.