Everyone has a most websites are used in daily schedule for business purpose and other work like gmail, Facebook etc. If you create shortcuts of those websites you no need to open browser and enter web address every time. This is why you have to know how to create shortcut of your favorite website on desktop. In this article we learn about how to create shortcuts of website.

Methods of how to create shortcut of website

I). Create shortcut of website using chrome, firefox, internet explorer 

1. Open browser by using you want to create shortcut of website and Open exact website you want create shortcut of it.
2. Now open browser window in small screen before creating shortcut you make sure the browser is not in full screen mode.
3. Now click on adress bar or URL and drag this to outside of browser window or drag it on desktop.
4. Now release this icon on desktop of your computer. This way you creates shortcut of your website.

Note: This feature is not supported to Microsoft Edge. Shortcut are always open in same browser you created in.

II) Create shortcut of website for windows using chrome 

1. Open Google Chrome and go to exact website you want to create shortcut.
2. Now click on menu option at top right side three vertical dots.
3. Now select More tools option from this menu and click on Create shortcut option in this menu.
4. Now enter name for the shortcut and click on create button. Now shortcut of your website is available on your desktop screen.

Note: If you don't see More tools option then you need to update your browser and try again.

III). Create shortcut of website for Mac 

1. Open any of web browser including safari, chrome, firefox.
2. Open website you want to create shortcut.
3. Click on adress bar
4. You will see the icon now drag the icon using mouse cursor. Make sure drag only the icon not adress.
5. Now release this icon on your desktop.

Note: If the website you create shortcut needs login details you have to enter when you open it.