How To Delete Database In MySQL

How To Delete Database In MySQL

What is MySQL?
   MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. MySQL has become the leading database choice for web-based applications, used by high profile web properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo! and many more.
    MySQL is a fast, easy to use RDBMS( Relational DataBase Management System) being used for many small and large Businesses.

How to delete database in MySQL
1). Search command prompt in search box. Then open command prompt for windows and for MAC open terminal.
2). Then type mysql -u root -p if you do not enter in root account then place your own username at the place of root. It is important account has read/write privileges.
3). Then enter your password for entering in mysql now hit Enter.
4). After opening mysql type command "show database;" and hit enter button.
5). Now scroll down and select the database which want to delete it is important to type the name of database as it is. If you are using Mac database name are case- sensitive.
6). Suppose you want do delete database having name "Software". Then type drop database Software; then hit enter button.
7). You can now ensure the database was deleted by entering again show database.