What is VPN? 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. A Virtual Private Network is a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks. Privacy of the user is increase by use of VPN because VPN replaces users IP address with ip adress of VPN network provider.

Need of VPN 

1. VPN hide your IP address 
2. Replace IP address with new IP address 
3. Protect your data transfer by adding encryption 
4. User can choose country of origin for internet connection 
5. Give access of blocked websites 

How VPN hide your IP?

VPN generates a data tunnel from your local network to destination node anywhere in the world. Benefit of VPN is online freedom and access all websites.
VPN uses encryption when data is sent over the public network or wi-fi. This encryption makes data unreadable. Data security is most important when you are using public wi-fi. VPN prevent anyone to check your activity.
Another side if you are not using VPN, your internet service providers know your all browsing history. All search engines also track your search history but in this case all information associated with IP address. If  your VPN is active all search history associated with another IP address which is provided by VPN.

What does hide by using VPN?

1. Your IP address 
2. Your location 
3. Your browsing history 
4. Your location of streaming 
5. Your device
6. Your web Activity 

Setup VPN on windows 10

1. Click on windows button and then go in >settings 
>Network and internet 
Now click on add VPN connection
2. Now VPN setup window appear on screen 
Now in VPN provider option enter Windows (built-in)
In Connection name enter VPN name what you want
Now enter server name or address 
Then enter VPN type and login details 
2. Login details are only for extra security purposes these fields are optional if you want to ignore. If you enter login details already then choose remember login info.
3. Click on save button. Now your VPN is saved.
3. For connect VPN connection, Go back to
>Network and internet 
Click on your VPN name 
4. In case you want to change your details then go in advanced options clear all details or setup VPN proxy.
5. Click on connect And enter password if you have set.

Setup VPN on android 

Simple procedure to setup VPN on android by using app. To may vpn application are available on play store. Download any one of them for setting a VPN connection. Now we see setup vpn by using Thunder VPN.
1. Open play store and search for Thunder VPN  and click on install button 
2. After installation process Open Thunder VPN app 
3. Now click on button available on top right corner now you see country name select one of them and your VPN connection setup is done. If you click on connect option then application select random server and setup VPN  connection.
4. Now minimize application and enjoy service.

Setup VPN on iPhone 

Setting a VPN connection on iOS is not so difficult if you download a app from store it setup VPN automatically for you. Now we see how setup VPN manually.
1. Go to settings and touch on General.
2. Scroll down and click on VPN 
3. Now touch on Add VPN configuration then select security protocol. Follow all instructions provided by your selected app.
4. Enter username and password also. If you want proxy you also use it.
Now go back to VPN. And slide button to setup vpn connection.

Setup VPN on mac

1. Open System Preferences and go into Network.
2. Click on plus (+) button at bottom left side of screen now click on interface and then click VPN from dropdown menu enter all details like VPN type and Service name.
3. Click create button and enter server  address, remote id, local id. Now click on Authentication settings.
4. Setup Username and password . Now click on ok and Connect.