If you have recently changed your operating system from windows to Mac and you don't know about mac task manager then this article for you. We discuss about mac task manager and how it works. Many people new on mac don't know about mac shortcuts because shortcuts used in mac is different than windows.

Task Manager for Mac- Activity Monitor 

If you know about windows task manager then it is good for you because task manager on mac is similar to windows task manager but name is different. Task manger for mac is known as Activity Monitor.
It shows processes that running in your computer. This help you to manage your activities to improve performance of your Mac. Let's see how to access Activity Monitor on mac?

How to open task manager on mac? 

By using spotlight we enter in Activity Monitor.

1). Press command + spacebar to get spotlight search option
2). Type 'Activity Monitor
3). Select the Activity Monitor this will take you to the app.

In case spotlight not working you need another way to enter in Activity Monitor field.

1). Click on Finder icon in the Dock
2). Select applications from side menu
3). In Applications folder select utilities and open it
4). Double click on Activity Monitor to open it

If you want to keep Activity Monitor on Dock then add Activity Monitor on Dock by 3 simple steps 

1). Open Activity Monitor by using one of the way above
2). Right click on Activity Monitor In The Dock
3). Click on options and then click on "Keep in Dock"